WW Rutherford

William W Rutherford

William W Rutherford

William Watson Rutherford Chess Biography (1853 – 1927)

President of Liverpool Chess Club 1884 and 1893
Vice-President – 1883 and 1885
Secretary – 1886, 1888, 1889
Librarian – 1879 and 1880
President of London Chess Club
Ranked world number 138 in 1878
Highest recorded grade 2215 in 1889

Mayor of Liverpool (1902-1903)
Conservative MP for Liverpool West Derby (1903 – 1918)
Conservative MP for Liverpool Edge Hill (1919 – 1923)
Awarded Title of “Baronet” in 1923

Best Chess Player in House of Commons
Huge rivalries in the chess arena in House of Commons, including Irish figures including Parnell v Nationalists

House of Commons Simultaneous match v Capablanca in 1919
WW Rutherford got a draw against Capablanca, see his game here:

Invented the Rutherford code for transmitting Chess moves over Telegraph protocol 1880
Allowed live games against other countries including Liverpool v Calcutta

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