Tim Miles wins 2018 Club Blitz Event - Liverpool Chess Club


Tim Miles wins 2018 Club Blitz Event

Tim Miles wins 2018 Club Blitz Event

Liverpool Chess club held its annual Handicapped Blitz evening last night with the winner taking home the Frank Ryan and Billy Cooper Memorial Trophy which was won last year by Piotr Lipka, Franks widow Doris Ryan once again presented the trophy to the winner.

Tim Miles wins the 2018 Blitz event
Tim Miles wins the 2018 Blitz event

We had a 20 strong turn out for the event which ran for 6 rounds with each game lasting 14 minutes, higher graded players may only have 3 minutes v 11 minutes for a low graded player to give everyone a fair chance of winning.

Early results saw some top v bottom games with top players only having 3 minutes on the clock with some upsets Sean Frost (81) winning against Ali (198). So after 2 rounds we had Ste Lloyd, Sameer Mana, Tim Miles on 2/2 and Tomas, Chris Halfpenny, Paul Taylor Mike Clarke and Rob Steele on 1.5/2 setting the early pace.

Round 3 saw a few leaders drop points with Tim out alone in front on 3/3 and Tomas Chris Halfpenny, Paul Taylor on 2.5 and Ste Lloyd, Sameer get joined by Sean Robinson, Peter Mellor and Dave Leeming on 2/3 in the chasing pack.

Round 4 saw the break away start to unfold with Tim Miles on 4/4, Tomas Lancaric on 3.5 and Ste Lloyd and Sean Robinson come strong to reach 3/4.

After Round 5 with just one round to go Tim was still at 100% on 5/5 with his new closest rival Sean Robinson 4/5 and Tomas and Paul Taylor on 3.5, Ali Rashid Amin, Sean Frost and Pete Leonard made a strong run to get to 3/5 alongside Ste Lloyd and Sameer but too late to challenge for this years title.

In the final round Title decider between Tim and Sean, Tim got the needed draw to seal the winners award with 5.5/6 and get his name on this years trophy, with Sean Robinson and Tomas Lancaric finishing in second place on 4.5/6. Ste Lloyd and Ali finished joint 4th on 4/6 and just behind them Sean Frost, Paul Taylor and Mike Clarke on 3.5/6.

Tim can be seen being presented this years trophy by Doris Ryan alongside runner up Sean Robinson. A great competition for all involved, played in a great spirit and atmosphere by all players.