Malcolm Pein Simul Results 24th Jan 2017 - Liverpool Chess Club


Malcolm Pein Simul Results 24th Jan 2017

Malcolm Pein Simul Results 24th Jan 2017

Liverpool Chess Club took on chess International Master Malcolm Pein in a simultaneous display last night 24th January 2017 at the Crown Hotel on Lime Street with Malcolm in no mood for mercy! Final score Malcolm 27 wins, 4 draws, no defeats!
Malcolm played for Liverpool Chess club as did his father back in the 70s and 80s before moving to London and it is great to have him back at the club.
Malcolm’s picture and profile was added to the club’s wall of legends last night just before the event started.
First, he took on 14 Liverpool Juniors with Joshua Roque getting an excellent draw where all others were defeated including:
Luke Maher
Bashar Rovezi
Jed Roque
Frank Hudson
Orlando Hudson
Jesse Inocentes
Maciek Langer
Jeremy Rogers
Prajesh Shukla
Rowen Thompson
(all pictured)
Next straight onto play 17 adults where it was a similar story with respectable draws for Peter Lipka, new comer Raimund Klein and another Liverpool legend back in the club after many years away Mike Hardman.
Everyone else was defeated one by one including:
Dave Leeming
Mike Clarke
Ian Stephens
Tomas Lancaric
Jim Gallagher
Peter Leonard
Sean Frost
Paul Taylor
Goronwy Brookes
Chris Ford (Prescot)
Ben Ellington (Atticus)
Natasha may (Atticus)
Jakob Gerlath
Graham Pimblett
Luke Maher (junior)
Jim Gallagher was first to fall and Paul Taylor last but junior Luke Maher lasted right to the end and put up a fantastic battle on his birthday.
A great event huge thanks to Malcolm for making the big effort to hold the event which has raised funds towards the restoration of the 1892 Liverpool Chess table
Huge thanks also to Neil, Julie and Tom from the Crown for helping us arrange the event, lighting etc and stay late.Malcolm Pein

Malcolm Pein


The Liverpool Table (1892)
The Liverpool Table (1892)