Liverpool are Knotty Ash Cup winners 2017 - Liverpool Chess Club


Liverpool are Knotty Ash Cup winners 2017

Liverpool are Knotty Ash Cup winners 2017

Knotty Ash cup trophy
Knotty Ash cup trophy

Liverpool chess club have once again won the Merseyside Knotty Ash cup tonight against Prescot to retain their trophy!

This brings Liverpools trophy hall to 4 trophies just as theyvdid last year.
Division 3 winners, Division 4 winners, Junior league champions and now Knotty ash cup winners.
Congratulations to all players who have contributed to the Knotty Ash and all other winning team this season.
Tonights final saw Jim Gallagher win early on in a hillbilly attack on a Caro kann then Tony Brennan win convincingly to make it 2-0 to Liverpool needing just one more win to claim the title.
Ste McMahon appeared to be behind in material and thought he had lost briefly before getting back control and getting the win to crown Liverpool champions again.
Diego then accepted a draw on top board but Tom Iveson lost in a close game but time pressure took its toll so the final result 3.5 – 1.5 to Liverpool.
Brilliant victory team cheered on by squad players from earlier rounds Sean Frost and Peter Leonard.
Pictured we see the game in progress and champions after the match.
Tony Brennan, Diego Agejas, Tom Iveson, Jim Gallagher, Sean Frost, Peter Leonard and Ste McMahon.
Brilliant season for Liverpool chess club!