Liverpool 3 keep lead to top of Division 5 - Liverpool Chess Club


Liverpool 3 keep lead to top of Division 5


Great win for Liverpool 3 tonight to keep their place at the top of Division 5The match was won 4-1 with solid wins for Peter Lipka and Sam Gibbons on top 2 boards both of whom seemed to be in control all the way, Captain Sean put himself forward bravely as board 3 but lost a close Kings Gambit and still had chances in the end game.Sam Scott won well and has now won 4 from 4, although ahead he was tested in his end game but stopped his opponents only hope of getting a passed pawn home and Seb played at his usual frantic pace and was a winner within 8 minutes, you really should slow down Seb but well done!Great result, top of the table for Christmas but big game on 7th Jan at home to biggest challengers Atticus, the same night Liverpool 4 host Aigburth 5 at home as well, that will be a busy night at the club!