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Liverpool 1 slip up at Wallasey

Liverpool 1 lost 4-3 last night to Wallasey in what was a very close match that could have gone either way
Lots of draws accepted on the top boards firstly by Joe, then Dave, Frank and Tony soon followed which put all the focus on the bottom 3 boards where things levelled out after Plamen won his game with a nice tactic in a losing position and Ian lost on time but was also was a pawn down in his end game
This levelled the match at 3-3 with all the focus on Peter who had very kindly stepped in last minute for the game. The game was quite level and used up all of the time available for both players but Peters clock was worse and the time pressure eventually told and his opponent very nervously found a combination that sealed the win
A good effort that means we are 2 points behind Formby Waterloo and Prescot at the mid point of the season. so we just need to beat them all next time to win the league! easy!
Good news is that Liverpool 2, Liverpool 3 and Liverpool 440 are all top of their respective leagues and we have a Knotty ash cup quarter final game next Wednesday away at Aigburth to finish the mid season program off
I will update you all on this next week