Club Internal Competitions - Liverpool Chess Club

Club Internal Competitions

Liverpool Chess Club run a number of Internal Competitions:

Liverpool Table Tournament

Introduced in 1892 for all Liverpool Players to challenge each other for the Table Tournament Title

Winners names are added to the table every year as seen below:

Previous Table Winners:

2023: Marek Korsinskij

2022: Marek Korsinskij

2019: Maria Rodrigo Yanguas and Wang TianYi

2018: Ali Rashid Mohammed Amin

2017: James Friar

2016: Giovanni Sala

2015: Giovanni Sala

2014: Joe Siddall

2013: Dave Leeming

2012: Dave Leeming

2011: Sameer Mana

2010: Paul R Evans


Liverpool Table 2017
Liverpool Table 2017

2009: Paul R Evans

2008: Joe Siddall

2007: Mike Hardman

2006: Mike Hardman

2005: Frank Ryan

2004: Mike Hardman

Liverpool Table Tournament and ABC Tournaments

2022/23 Tournaments:

Table Tournament Winner : Marek Korsinskij

A Tournament Winner : Hon Meng Moh 

B Tournament Winner : Ian Nicholson

C Tournament Winner: Joel Bartlett

2021/22 Tournaments:

Table Tournament Winner : Marek Korsinskij ( Age 15)

A Tournament Winner : Bartu Terim

B Tournament Winner : Rob Steele

2018/19 Tournaments

The 2018/19 Table Winners are Maria Rodrigo Yanguas and Wang Tian Yi (Joint winners)

2021/22 “A Tournament” winner : Paul Taylor

View all Table and internal tournament results for 2018/19 here:

Liverpool Table Tournaments 201Liverpool Table Tournaments 201819819


The 2018 Table winner is newcomer: Ali Rashid Muhammed Amin

Table Results 2018 : Table tournament fixtures & results

A Tournament Results 2018 : ‘‘A’ tournament fixtures & results 6June18


Final Positions for Table and “A” Tournaments:Liverpool table 1617 week Final

The 2017 Liverpool Table champion is James Friar, with runners up Steve Lloyd and Peter Lipka

The 2017 A Tournament winner is Jim Gallagher with Phil Taylor in a close 2nd and Tom Iveson and Pete Leonard joint 3rd place.

2015/2016 Table Tournament Final Standings: table2016final

Giovanni Sala is once again the Liverpool Table Tournament Champion claiming the 2016 title ahead of Plamen Petrevski in 2nd place and Guanqun Gai and Mike Clarke in 3rd place

Historical Officials/Winners : Liverpool Table and Roles History 2024

Liverpool Ladder 

2017 Ladder latest standings: Ladder Results Christmas Dec17

2016 Ladder winner Giovanni Sala, highest climber Peter Leonard Liverpool Ladder 2016 week 16 26May16

2015 Ladder winner Giovanni Sala, highest climber: Nazar Zaki : liverpool-chess-club-final-ladder-2015

Liverpool Juniors Major Cup

2019 Champion – Marek Korsinskij

2018 Champion – Nikolas Korsinskij

2017 Champion – Bashar Rovezi 

2016 Champion – Bashar Rovezi

Liverpool Juniors Inter Cup

2019 Champion – Lewis Tang

2018 Champion – Lewis Tang

Liverpool Juniors Minor Cup

2019 Champion – Lawrence Li

2018 Champion – Sasha Korsinskij

2017 Champion – Alex Griffith

Current Table and A Table standings: juniors-chess-table-2017-week1

Liverpool Junior Ladder

New for 2016/17:liverpool-junior-ladder-2017-week-7