TJ Beach

TJ Beach

TJ Beach

Thomas John Beach

Thomas John Beach (2nd player on left) seen playing in a Liverpool Chess club simultaneous match against Grandmaster Victor Korchnoi in Mountford Hall, Liverpool on 18th January 1972

TJ Beach was a prominent member of Liverpool Chess Club for over a decade during which time he was the Liverpool Chess club president during 1954 and Vice president in 1955

He was a central figure in the organisation of the Liverpool Junior Chess Congress events giving up much of his time to junior chess development

Chess Activity of Thomas John Beach

“T. J. Beach” or “John Beach” as he was known, became a prominent figure on the national chess scene.

As earlier as 1933-34 we find “J. T. Beach” playing near the bottom of a York Woodhouse Cup team while the Rev. G. C. Beach was playing near the top of the team. This looks rather like 17-year-old T. J. Beach with his initials the wrong way round due to the writer concerned knowing he was called “John”.

While at Leeds University he played for Leeds in the Woodhouse Cup, and during this period he won the Yorkshire Championship of 1936/37.

He was listed as a Vice-President of the Yorkshire Chess Association for the season 1937-38, an honour then accorded the reigning Yorkshire Champion for the ensuing season.

In 1945 we find what looks like our man losing to Tartakower in a match between British Forces and French Forces.

He became a recurrent participant in the British Championship of the post-war era, participating in those of 1957, 1959, 1960 and probably others.

He authored, or co-authored at least one chess books for beginners:
Learn Chess: A New Way for All was co-authored with C. H. O’D. Alexander, was published in two volumes in 1963, volume 1 subtitled First Principles, and volume 2 subtitled Winning Methods, and was later published as one volume, seemingly under the title Learn Chess: A Complete Course.

His main contribution to chess was perhaps the promotion of a junior chess congress in Liverpool, which in its time was the largest of its kind in the country, if memory serves.

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  1. Mr Beach taught me chess and maths at Childwall Valley comprehensive school in the 1970s. I remember a kind and caring man who was patient with beginners and encouraging for those of us who made some progress. I became chess captain for school and merseyside and he definitely had a hand in me going on to Warwick University to study Maths then on to Cambridge. Sad that I didn’t keep in touch but very fond memories.

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