M Kaizer

M Kaizer

M Kaizer

M Kaizer was one of the leading players at Liverpool Chess club in the late 19th century
He won the prestigious Liverpool Table tournament in 1894 and is seen in the Main Liverpool 1889 team picture on the back row 4th from the right.

Gerrard Killoran explains: M. Kaizer had the first name Myer and changed his name to Myer Kaye in 1919 having left Liverpool to become the headmaster of the Jewish orphanage, Norwood.

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Very interesting about Mr Kaizer name change and new occupation but maybe not surprising as this was just after WW1, Mr Kaizer was clearly a top chess player, some research currently underway on Liverpool Chess club has revealed he won the much acclaimed “Liverpool table tournament” in 1894 but also won the annual club tournament under it previous name of the Lister tournament after Mr J Lister (also in 1889 picture – 4th from right standing) as he donated the prize fund for the tournament until the “Table” was purchased in 1892 for £15 and can be seen here (more pictures of the table on the Liverpool Facebook page including some of the winner name plates engraved on it)

There was also a Mr HW Keizer who was the secretary of Liverpool Chess club in 1909 who I know nothing else about at present but must be a relative?

This picture of a young M Kaizer has only now been found in the Liverpool chess club archives

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