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Maria Rodrigo and Gary Quillan Junior Simul

4th May 2019

Liverpool Chess club juniors along with Wirral and Bluecoat juniors had Simultaneous events today against WFM Maria Rodrigo Yanguas and IM Gary Quillan.

Wirral and Bluecoat juniors also played their Merseyside junior league fixtures which decided who were champions of both the Merseyside junior leagues for this season.

Both Maria and Gary took on 14 juniors each with Gary coming out on top winning all 14 games whilst Maria also did extremely well winning 12, but drawing against Ben Whitehead of Bluecoat and losing against Liverpool Junior Marek Korsinskij. Both Marek and Ben are pictured with Maria and Gary above. Well done Marek and Ben!

Maria has been playing for Liverpool Chess club 1st team for the last 4 months with a exceptional results winning 6, drawing 1 and losing just 1 game in the Merseyside first division.

Maria has also won this years famous Liverpool Table Tournament although she could still be caught and be the joint winner yet. She will join the long list of winners and legends names on table since 1892 including World number 2 Amos Burn (see table picture below)

Maria sadly leaves Liverpool on Monday returning to her home Madrid. Thank you for your time at Liverpool Chess Club Maria, hopefully we will see you back here one day!

Maria was presented with a copy of the Liverpool Chess club book from 1893 and a record of todays simul event within.

Gary Quillan IM is also a fantastic player known very well on the National scene and regularly helps out with the juniors training sessions now which is really appreciated and benefits and inspires the juniors at the club.

All juniors seemed to really enjoy the simul event and league games and a huge Thank You to Kevin the manager of the Vines for welcoming us all today so enthusiastically.

In the junior League Division 1, Wirral 1 drew with Bluecoat 1, score 2.5 – 2.5 and in the MCA Division 2, Bluecoat 2 beat Wirral 2 by a score of 3-2.

So Wirral 1 finish second behind Liverpool in Division 1 and in Division 2 Bluecoat 2 leapfrog over Wirral 2 to finish in second place behind Division 2 champions Merchant Taylor Boys A team. Well done Bluecoat and Congratulations Merchant Taylors Boys who will be awarded the Division 2 trophy at the MCA Annual General Meeting on 22nd May.

All MCA junior league results can be viewed here:

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Liverpool 3 win MCA Division 3 Title

25th April 2019

Liverpool 3 travelled to Wallasey tonight needing to win to guarantee the Division 3 title against our only title rivals Wallasey B.

Things started off well with Top board Tony Morley getting a win playing a Reti opening and Tony getting an edge which he kept after withstanding an attack on kingside.

Next captain Jim Gallagher played against a french which went down the Winawer route and had an attacking edge but soon found himself under pressure and offered a draw which was declined. His opponent went a pawn up but this was poisoned pawn and won a rook and the game. Liverpool 2-0 up!

Sean Robinson playing white on board 2 had a complex game starting off 1 d4 Nf6 2 Nf3 c5 and all looked level in middle game but soon Sean had a slight advantage and was offered a draw twice but refused. Sean made an error late on which saw him checkmated, but great game

James Rigby played against an English on board 6 responding with a kings Indian defence.
The game was tight and James looked slightly down but held his nerve and won well in the endgame. 3-1 Liverpool just 2 games left to play.

James Rigby has won the Merseyside Division 3 Player of the season award with 7.5 wins from 8 games this season. Congratulations James this is a fantastic achievement! James will get a trophy for this at the Merseyside AGM next month!

Pete Mellor on board 4 also played a kings Indian and looked in real trouble going a piece down in the middle game before somehow winning a tactic and going a pawn up but this was short lived and soon was in a pawn endgame with no route for his king to get involved and lost the game. So Liverpool need at least a draw in the Last game if the night to win the match and the league title.

That task fell to youngster Bashar Rovezi playing white in a Queens Gambit declined.
Bashar looked ahead early on but found himself an exchange down but a pawn up but it was a connected passed pawn which he got to the 7th rank with all eyes now watching every move Bashar nearly queened but his opponent also had a pawn on 7th rank and this very sharp ending finished a draw. So Bashar won Liverpool 3 the match and the Division 3 title! Well done Bashar under great pressure!

Congratulations all who played for Liverpool 3 this year and finish the season unbeaten, joining Liverpool 2 who won division 2 and Liverpool juniors who won Division 5 this year!

This was the final league game for Liverpool chess club this season. Thank you to all players involved this year!
Great year the club once again winning 3 trophies!


Malcolm Pein IM simul with Liverpool Juniors

Tuesday 16th April 2019

IM Malcolm Pein takes on Liverpool Juniors in a Simultaneous Event!

Liverpool Chess club are very grateful to International Master and Chess in Schools Director Malcolm Pein who last night kindly took on the Liverpool Junior players in a simultaneous display.

13 Juniors took part in total and 2 juniors managed to draw against Malcolm with Malcolm winning all other games but a number of other games were only narrow victories for Malcolm.

Bashar Rovezi drew, one week after defeating IM Gary Quillan in another simultaneous event and Lawrence Li got a draw and was the last man standing (same as last week against Gary), both players should be extremely proud of their achievements.

Other very close games for Ranny, Edmund, Lewis, William and Laura and good efforts from Isaac, Santiago, Daniel, Joel, Charlie and Santino.

Thank you Malcolm for a wonderful evening for the Juniors!


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Liverpool 2 win Division 2 Title!

Liverpool 2 took on Prescot 1 in their final game of the season knowing that a win would guarantee them the Division 2 title and promotion to Merseyside Division 1.

Final Score – Liverpool 2 (5.5 – 1.5) Prescot 1

We would like to dedicate this victory to Liverpool 2 captain Tim Miles who sadly passed away last week and who would have been very proud and on a recent visit was eagerly asking for an update on the title run in. (See previous post)

Liverpool 2 had a strong team out and top board Wang was first to finish with another strong performance.

Tony Morley soon followed with a draw on board 6.

The in form Tomas Lancaric on board 2 won convincingly.

Board 7 Sean Robinson won well playing a sharp Sicilian defence.

Ian Stephens playing board 5 went a piece up coming out of the middle game he had to fend off his opponents threats around his king position, then it was just a question of time before he sealed the win.

Steve Lloyd playing on 3 lost in the end game after a tough battle with a seasoned opponent.

This left long time Liverpool legend Dave Leeming on 4 to “Rubber stamp” the result with another victory and leave the final score 5.5 – 1.5 to Liverpool 2.

Some of the players, Tony, Dave, Tomas and Ian can be seen at the end of the evening lifting a trophy in celebration of the league title this season.



Tim Miles – Liverpool 2 captain passes away

12 April 2019

It is with great sadness that we have learned that Liverpool chess Club second team captain Tim Miles has passed away this week.

Tim has been unwell for the last 12 months but was only recently diagnosed with a terminal illness. Jim Gallagher and Sean Frost visited Tim recently in Marie Curie Hospice where he was in his usual great spirits despite his condition and donated many of his chess books to the club.

Tim can be seen here winning the Liverpool Blitz championship for 2018 less than 12 months ago which he was very proud of.
He was also delighted to take on the Liverpool 2 captaincy this year and had proved to be a very strong player for Liverpool over the last few seasons.

Tim was also senior lecturer at Liverpool John Moores university as well as a stand up comedian.

He will be very sorely missed at Liverpool chess club but he will be remembered as a great chess player who stepped forward to help out at the club with great enthusiasm and humour.

Our deepest condolences go out to Tims family from all members of Liverpool chess club.


Liverpool Juniors Win MCA Division 5 “Adult league” Title

26 Feb 19

Liverpool juniors were officially crowned Merseyside (adult) league Division 5 champions tonight when they won their penultimate match against Liverpool 4.

Nikolas on bd2 won early on against Aiden Hernamen and brother Marek won soon afterwards on board 1 against Sean Robinson.

Frank Hudson also won against Orhan after an Evans gambit attack was unstoppable to secure the match and the league title for the juniors.

Luke Maher went a few pawns down which eventually told against Nick Davison who saw home the win to make it 3-1 before Bashar Rovezi won s great tactical battle against James Rigby to make the final score 4-1 to the juniors.

So Liverpool juniors are league champions and onto Division 4 they March! Congratulations chaps!52708582_2535490369856621_7241854502221905920_n

Liverpool move home to The Vines on Lime Street

It is with a heavy heart that Liverpool chess club will be leaving their current home The Crown Pub on Lime Street where they have been based for a few years now. Thank you to Manager Neil, Karen, Tom and all the staff at the Crown who have always treated us brilliantly. The Crown has been a fabulous venue but is now getting a refurb in Feb so will close temporarily and reopen as a much classier bar.
So this Tuesday 29th Jan is our final week in the Crown and we will move to our new home also on the same block on Lime street The Vines Pub (Nicknamed The Big House) next door to the Adelphi with effect from Tuesday 5th February
A new venture once again for our historic club! We look forward to seeing many of you there soon!

The Vines Pub

Lime Street

Liverpool L1 1JQ

Merseyside Junior Chess League Matches 24th November 2018

The Merseyside junior chess league was in full operation today at Merchant Taylor Junior Boys school in Crosby.
Teams from Liverpool, Wirral, Southport, Bluecoat and Merchant Taylors competed for this years Division 1 and Division 2 titles.

In Division 1 Liverpool dominated having won all games without losing a game including a 5-0 win over last years champions Wirral.

Wirral are in 2nd place followed by Liverpool 2 and Southport with Bluecoat 1 and Merchant Taylor Girls A propping up the table in a very tough league.

MCA Junior Division 1 Table:

MCA Division 2 is a different story with a few teams still in with a chance of clinching the title.

Wirral 2 lead the way closely followed by Bluecoat 2 and Merchant Taylor Juniors 1.

The next round of games will be interesting and unveil the Division 2 champions.

MCA juniors Division 2 Table:

All to play for in an ever expanding Merseyside junior league.

Thank you to Merchant Taylors for hosting the event and providing refreshments.


Tim Miles wins 2018 Club Blitz Event

Liverpool Chess club held its annual Handicapped Blitz evening last night with the winner taking home the Frank Ryan and Billy Cooper Memorial Trophy which was won last year by Piotr Lipka, Franks widow Doris Ryan once again presented the trophy to the winner.

Tim Miles wins the 2018 Blitz event
Tim Miles wins the 2018 Blitz event

We had a 20 strong turn out for the event which ran for 6 rounds with each game lasting 14 minutes, higher graded players may only have 3 minutes v 11 minutes for a low graded player to give everyone a fair chance of winning.

Early results saw some top v bottom games with top players only having 3 minutes on the clock with some upsets Sean Frost (81) winning against Ali (198). So after 2 rounds we had Ste Lloyd, Sameer Mana, Tim Miles on 2/2 and Tomas, Chris Halfpenny, Paul Taylor Mike Clarke and Rob Steele on 1.5/2 setting the early pace.

Round 3 saw a few leaders drop points with Tim out alone in front on 3/3 and Tomas Chris Halfpenny, Paul Taylor on 2.5 and Ste Lloyd, Sameer get joined by Sean Robinson, Peter Mellor and Dave Leeming on 2/3 in the chasing pack.

Round 4 saw the break away start to unfold with Tim Miles on 4/4, Tomas Lancaric on 3.5 and Ste Lloyd and Sean Robinson come strong to reach 3/4.

After Round 5 with just one round to go Tim was still at 100% on 5/5 with his new closest rival Sean Robinson 4/5 and Tomas and Paul Taylor on 3.5, Ali Rashid Amin, Sean Frost and Pete Leonard made a strong run to get to 3/5 alongside Ste Lloyd and Sameer but too late to challenge for this years title.

In the final round Title decider between Tim and Sean, Tim got the needed draw to seal the winners award with 5.5/6 and get his name on this years trophy, with Sean Robinson and Tomas Lancaric finishing in second place on 4.5/6. Ste Lloyd and Ali finished joint 4th on 4/6 and just behind them Sean Frost, Paul Taylor and Mike Clarke on 3.5/6.

Tim can be seen being presented this years trophy by Doris Ryan alongside runner up Sean Robinson. A great competition for all involved, played in a great spirit and atmosphere by all players.

Ali Rashid Muhammed Amin is new 2018 Table Winner!

20 June 18

The Prestigious Liverpool Table tournament 2018 has been won by Newcomer Ali Rashid Mohammed Amin. Congratulations Ali!

Ali won hs final game against Nick Hawkins last night to ensure getting his name on the Historic Liverpool Table as the 2018 Winner. Ali won all of his games in this years tournament which is a fabulous achievement.

The Liverpool table has been running since 1892 when James Cairns won the tournament and Amos Burn won the tournament a few times including 1894.