Simul: Gary Quillan 25-0 Liverpool Chess club - Liverpool Chess Club


Simul: Gary Quillan 25-0 Liverpool Chess club

Simul: Gary Quillan 25-0 Liverpool Chess club



14th May 2019

Gary Quillan IM took on 25 members of Liverpool chess club in a simultaneous display last night and won all 25 games in 3 hours.

Outstanding performance from Gary who has also kindly done a number of junior simul events at the club recently inspiring our younger players.

Last night the adults were the challengers and it didn’t take long for the heads to roll.

Once the first player fell after 45 minutes there was a constant stream to follow.

A number of players did push Gary making him slow down including young Luke Maher who took Gary to an endgame but 2 pieces to a rook down which told.

Rob Steele seemed slightly ahead in the middle game with a pawn threatening to promote but when he was on the 7th about to queen he realised Gary had a tactic to win the new queen and Rob resigned.

Jenny Long was one of the last to finish but a number of passed pawns could not be stopped and mate soon arrived.

Orhan Karakas also took the game to the late hours but Gary had a bishop in s pawn endgame and won comfortably in the end.

Steve Lloyd had a very tactical battle with Gary with both players sacrificing pieces to gain advantage in a really sharp encounter but Gary had one trick too many at the death.

The last game and most interesting was against James Rigby. James had a great game and was 2 bishops up in middle game but his king was in the centre of the board and vulnerable to checks and forced forwards into the jaws of Garys waiting army leaving James’s big pieces stranded and unable to come to his rescue. Great battle from James who takes the player of the evening award!

Thank you Gary once again, it is events like this that make Liverpool chess club a special place for so many people and is really appreciated and fantastic to have you involved in the club on a regular basis!

Liverpool players took a beating tonight from a fantastic Merseyside chess legend!

Liverpool players:
Phil Green
Mike Clarke
Paul Taylor
Ben Cross
Nick Davison
Orhan Karakas
Kevin Boyce
Sean Robinson
James Rigby
Rory Quigley
Dharmendra Negi
Steve Lloyd
Sean Frost
Penny Quillan
Pete Leonard
Mike O’Hollaran
David Henderson
Neil Maher
Rob Steele
Jenny Long
Bashar Rovezi
Frank Hudson
Luke Maher
Alex King