Club Internal Competitions - Liverpool Chess Club

Club Internal Competitions

Liverpool Chess Club run a number of Internal Competitions:

Liverpool Table Tournament

Introduced in 1892 for all Liverpool Players to challenge each other for the Table Tournament Title

Winners names are added to the table every year, the 2015 and 2016 champion was Giovanni Sala

The Liverpool Table (1892)
The Liverpool Table (1892)

Previous Table Winners:

2016: Giovanni Sala

2015: Giovanni Sala

2014: Joe Siddall

2013: Dave Leeming

2012: Dave Leeming

2011: Sameer Mana

2010: Paul R Evans



1st Table winner 1892
1st Table winner 1892


2009: ??

2008: ??

2007: ??

2006: ??

2005: Frank Ryan

2004: Mike Hardman




Liverpool Table Tournament 


Current Table and “A” Tournaments:   Liverpool table 1617 week 6

2015/2016 Table Tournament Final Standings: table2016final

Giovanni Sala is once again the Liverpool Table Tournament Champion claiming the 2016 title ahead of Plamen Petrevski in 2nd place and Guanqun Gai and Mike Clarke in 3rd place

Historical Winners : LCC officials Historic roles

Liverpool Ladder 

2017 Ladder: liverpool-ladder-2017-week-1

2016 Ladder winner Giovanni Sala, highest climber Peter Leonard Liverpool Ladder 2016 week 16 26May16

2015 Ladder winner Giovanni Sala, highest climber: Nazar Zaki : liverpool-chess-club-final-ladder-2015

Liverpool Junior Table

New in 2016 since the club reintroduced juniors to the Club. This years winner is Bashar Rovezi

Current Table and A Table standings: juniors-chess-table-2017-week1

Liverpool Junior Ladder

New for 2016/17:liverpool-junior-ladder-2017-week-7

Liverpool Junior Puzzle Competition

2016 Champion : Bashar Rovezi